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Written by Raphael

If you are an entrepreneur or have your own YouTube channel, you probably know that content is king. But what is actually “great content”? And what do you have to consider when working on it?

As a marketer, it's important to provide your customers or blog readers with amazing material in order to retain but also grow your clients base. One effective way to do so is to promote a balanced use of written and visual content. For instance, only-text content might be too heavy for the readers to stay focused, while media content such as video, gifs, graphics and photos could be the perfect break between your paragraphs. Now, although we could all agree with the fact that videos are one of the most effective means of communication, for a wide set of reasons images are still the most used type of media as they are pretty good at getting your messages delivered.


Pictures are still important

This might also be the reason why the term “stock” associated to words such as photo, image and picture will not sound totally new to your hears. But what are stock images? Generally, stock images are high quality photos or digital graphics made by professional photographers and graphic designers and then uploaded onto stock photography platforms to be sold repeatedly for commercial purposes. This mechanism allows professionals to gain royalties each time an image is sold, whereas stock photography platforms make profit by applying a commission on each image being sold. Usually, such platforms also offer monthly subscription plans which allow customers to download more pictures for a lower price than they would pay when purchasing them individually. Nonetheless, if the project you are working on is a zero-budget one, you’ll notice that even subscription plans are too expensive for your wallet! So what can we do about this?


Expensive Stock Images


If you want to learn more about the business behind stock images take a look to the related Wikipedia article.

Fortunately enough, the online community has at least one solution to each problem, which in other words means: “If you don’t have a budget for purchasing stock images, just go get’em for free!”. It’s true, in a world where we are used to pay for nearly everything we consume we still can get great and professional stock pictures for free*, you just need to know how to find them on the web labyrinth. For instance, the search for powerful and effective royalty free stock photos can be tough and time consuming. That's why we want to save you some precious time by showing you where we find only the best free images!

*Although most of the following resources can be used without any restrictions, we recommend you to carefully read the related terms of use in order to comply with the specific requirements of all authors and platform (some of them my require you to quote the source).

Check the best websites to download your royalty-free images:



Picjumbo Landing Page

Picjumbo describes itself as a free stock photo site created by the designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. The website claims to have over 5 million downloads over the last 4 years, which talks clearly about the platform's reliability. Furthermore, the website feeds material to famous companies such as Entrepreneur, Lifehacker or Buffer.

What we like about Picjumbo:

  • Newsletter with frequent new pics

  • Search box for keywords research

  • Category filter

  • The possibility to download all pictures at once (How cool is that?!)

Check the terms and condition page of this website.



Unsplash Landing Page

Unsplash is definitely one of our most favourite sources for high quality and royalty free images. The website has a nice clean layout, is easy to use and usually you always find what you were looking for.

Pro's & Con's of Unsplash:

  • No account sign-up required;

  • High resolution and quality pictures;

  • No attribution to photographer needed;

  • You might not find all categories you were looking for;

Check the terms and condition of the website.


Landing Page Splitshire

Splitshire was founded by Daniel Nanescu, who is a photographer and graphic designer. The website of Splitshire has a similar look like Unsplash, however, they offer royalty free videos too.

When coming to their landing page, you will see promptly that they promote their resources as free stock photos and images for commercial use. To look for suitable materíal for your projects, click on the menu tab "categories" and choose the one you are looking for.

What we like about Splitshire:

  • No need to create an account;

  • The possibility to get free stock images and videos on the same website;

  • High quality material;

Check the terms and condition page of this website.



Another amazing website resource for royalty free pics is They have an outstanding website layout and you are offered a search box on the landing page. When you click on the menu tab "gallery", you can explore different categories, which might be useful when you need inspiration for new ideas.

We like because:

  • Easy to use and the website design is high-quality

  • Search box and categories filters

  • No account set up needed

Check the terms and condition page of this website.


5. Imcreator:

Lastly, there is They have a solid looking website and big companies like The New Your Times and CBS have featured them recently.

What we like about imcreator:

  • Search-Box

  • Categories

  • Listing of recently added pictures

Check the terms and condition page of this website.



Other sources for royalty free pictures:


You didn't find what you were looking for? Here a list of other free stock photos websites you should check before buying


Further tipps:


You already figured out your favourite free stock images platforms? Create a folder on your browser and save the links! And again, don't forget to check terms and conditions each time you download a picture, that can become more expensive than premium stock images websites ;)

Stay tuned for more articles about free content, and see you soon!


*VLK Studio assumes no responsibility and cannot be considered liable for any damages caused by the download and/or usage of multimedial content retrieved in the websites listed in the article.


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