What it takes to change your shoes once you're already running.


Written by Enrico

"Before you get started, make sure you have a plan!" – That's the way it is supposed to be also when you start your company, isn't it? Well, that might not be the case if you are a freelancer or a small creative agency like VLK Studio, and the number of hours on your clock are not even enough to take care of your own clients.

With this I don't mean you shouldn't plan what your agency will be like and how it's going to work, I just believe that if your finances are not yet stable and you cannot afford to stop sales for a couple of months - like in our case - you'll simply need a while before you get everything on place and running. On the other hand, make sure you consider the following quote and if possible, try to keep it in mind: the more you and/or your organization get organized, the higher the value of your/its services.

The good thing is that most likely it will happen without you even noticing it, something close to natural selection, which means most clients with inadequate budgets will slowly stop sending you requests, and you will slowly stop accepting underpaid or even unpaid works. So just if you are wondering... YES, we sold a couple of premium websites for as low as 300€ about one and half year ago... and NO, right now we wouldn't do the same for less than four times that budget, as today more than yesterday we understand that "time is gold... and resources are limited". Fortunately, this mechanism will gradually allow you to select the projects you want to work on, and believe me, it will make your work every day more interesting.

Between January 2016 and June 2017 our 3-heads-team was able to deliver approximately 10 websites, 40 brand identities and at least as many graphic design projects, summing up to a total of probably more than 100 coordinated works delivered by a designer, an engineer, and a project manager. How is this possible? The answer is easy, we ignored our lacks in order to take care of our clients.

For instance, would you ever buy a website from a company which does not have a website? It doesn't sound like a good idea to me, and I don't think our customers must have thought differently when we offered them our web solutions. This brings us to the next conclusion: sooner or later you need to start facing you lacks, one by one; and so did we... I mean we did start. Take a look!



Although "the sooner the better" philosophy would be quite right in this situation, it doesn't matter how long it takes to get things organized, just make sure you're gradually completing your puzzle. Get an overview of all things which need to be done, write a huge checklist, then share that overview with the people you work with, set some goals, and finally, find some spots between the hours you currently dedicate to your customers. This will require many "stop & go" as well as great multitasking skills, but as I told you before, it will increase the value of your time, making your days somehow longer and allowing you to get things done.


Apparently, such technique worked very well for VLK, and that's why after a radical reorganization, we are finally able to announce the launch of two new tiles of our puzzle: a new website to showcase our offer and our works, and a brand new blog to share our knowledge, skills, experience and resources with the online community. Follow our latest news on the social media!