VLK Studio announces a new strategic partnership with NewLab Eventi, event agency from Milan.


Written by Enrico

In light of the intensive collaborations established during the last six months, VLK Studio is glad to announce a new strategic partnership with the Milanese event agency “New Lab Eventi”. 


Partnership VLK Studio e NewLab Eventi


The recent professional collaboration that took place among NewLab Eventi and VLK Studio allowed the development of a web application built and customised according to the specific needs of the young and dynamic enterprise founded and managed by Arnaldo Bacchin ("Arnold” to his friends), producer at the famous Italian radio channel “Radio 105” and veteran of the entertainment industry with more than 20 years of experience. The result? An intuitive designful platform to showcase its services and artists. Try it out on your mobile device and/or desktop on


The results are convincing, just as the idea of a long term partnership since VLK Studio is synonym of design, and design is an important part of every single event. Offering a mix of design and communication to the event sector? This is our objective, whereas the NewLab’s one has been successfully summarised from our partner Arnold…


Arnaldo Bacchin


… To the question “Why should our professional network rely on NewLab Eventi to manage their events?,” Arnold replied:


“Why should you rely on us? Because we’ll take care of making the best work ever: creating shows, being protagonists on providing fun and excitement is what we do best. Our team is represented by the best professionals of its kind that work with seriousness, competence and passion. That’s why you should choose NewLab!" -  Arnaldo Bacchin



Are you planning your next event? Do it with a team of enthusiastic professionals, request more information to, choose NewLab Eventi.