Cross-Borders. VLK Studio is now ready for D.A.CH


Written by Raphael


My name is Raphael and I am from the small, but lovely Austrian capital Vienna. As of recently I am privileged to support the team of VLK Studio. That's why I would like to introduce myself to you.


raphael petsch bei vlk studio

I am:

...an avid sports fan - soccer, tennis, alpine skiing and kitesurfing

...a person that likes to work precisely & concentrated

...always interested in new trends about marketing & technologies

...creative, a good listener and someone, who tries to look at things from another perspective

...specialised in project management, social media marketing, blogging and all the other good stuff


Why VLK Studio?

In summer 2016 I celebrated my bachelor's degree in tourism- and leisure management. At the moment, I am doing my master degree with the same name.

During the bachelor studies, I got acquainted with Enrico, one of VLK Studio's members and shortly thereafter a close friendship was developed. As I had always admired his focused and accurate way of working, we soon started talking about starting a project together, which would offer us the possibility to implement our creative ideas.

One year after our bachelor degree, I once again had the possibility to do an internship during my master degree. Due to staying in contact with Enrico after the bachelor studies, I knew that he was already working together with a young and talented team. Somehow I felt that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and that's why I decided to join the like-minded team giving me the possibility and freedom to convert the learned theory into practice and learn about new marketing strategies and trends.


Quid Pro Quo


The collaboration allows both, the team of VLK Studio and me, new possibilities. Now we are able to offer our high-quality services also to clients from German-speaking countries (D.A.CH).

The team is looking forward to working and accomplishing great things with you.

I would be delighted to hear from you!

If you are interested just write me on LinkedIn or a good old e-mail to raphael@vlkstudio.com.