VLK partners up with WortShop, an expert for copywriting, conception and communication.


Written by Christoph

Creativity and competence by cooperation

We both love what we do. We both know what we do. And so VLK Studio, expert for branding and corporate identity, and WortShop, expert for text and conception, are a perfect mash up. My name is Christoph (CEO from WortShop). Today I am guest author in the VLK blog and I write a couple of lines about my inspiring collaboration with VLK Studio.

Christoph Pachucki - Der WortShop

More ideas, more innovation

What connects VLK and WortShop is our passion for creative ideas. We know that more creative heads mean more ideas and more ideas mean more innovation for our customers. As a texter the world of words is my home, when it comes to graphic design and web solutions I am happy to cooperate with VLK studio as it’s fresh, young and always meets the tooth of time.

More creativity, more costumers

We pursue the same goal: To support our partners with creative market communication, unique content and authentic brands in order to attract and excite more costumers. We both see ourselves as long-term partners aiming to grow and move on with our customers.

More personality, more perspectives

VLK helps you to be. WortShop helps you to tell your story. As experts for brand, text and corporate identity we know that people are tired of “our products are the best”-marketing. It’s time to show a face. Regardless whether a small family run business or a global player, together we help you to establish an authentic brand and to tell your corporate story. 


Thanks, VLK for being a creative, reliable and inspiring partner!

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